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Check Stub Sample


Oildex provides revenue check detail at www.oildex.com

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Royalty Check Graphic

  1. Property Number – The eight-digit number assigned to the lease or unit. The property name, county and state appear on the line directly above the first occurrence of each Property Number.
  2. DOI Number (Division of Interest Number) – The five-digit number assigned to further define the property for accounting purposes.
  3. Purchased/Sold – The month and year of individual sales or purchases which are included in the payment.
  4. Product Code – A three-digit code specifying the product accounted for on this line. The Product Codes most often used appear at the bottom of the payment attachment. "X" denotes a number that further identifies a specific product.
  5. LC (Legend Code) – A code identifying deductions or special payments. An explanation of the codes most often used appears at the bottom of the payment attachment.
  6. Quantity – Gross volume of a transaction shown in barrels, gallons or MCF (thousand cubic feet)
  7. BTU Factor (British Theram Unit) – The heating value of the gas.
  8. Average Unit Price – Calculated by dividing “total value” by “quantity” for each line. (Unit price may be omitted on certain adjustments, if not informative).
  9. Total Value – The before tax value of the quantity for each property – DOI.
  10. Production Taxes – Severance and other production taxes applicable to the oil or gas sold from each property – DOI.
  11. Total Value after Tax – Net value after production taxes are withheld.
  12. Type Interest – A two-character field designating the type of interest accounted for on each property – DOI.
    Possible Types of Interest
    • BL – Blanchard Royalty
    • CR – Compensatory Royalty
    • MI – Mineral Interest
    • OC – Override Convertible
    • OR – Overriding Royalty
    • OU – Override Unsigned
    • OW – Override Working Interest
    • PP – Production Payment
    • PR – Partnership
    • RI – Royalty Interest
    • RO – Reversionary Interest
    • RU – Royalty Unsigned
    • WI – Working Interest
    • WR – Working Other
  13. Decimal – A decimal used to reflect your proportionate share in the sale of production from a property. Note, the Disbursement Decimal shown can differ from the DOI Decimal. For example, if there are multiple working interest owners in a property, the Disbursement Decimal may be adjusted to reflect your proportionate share of the volumes your lessee is entitled to receive.
  14. Payment – "Gross Value" is your decimal interest applied to "Total Value" before deductions or special payments. "Net Value" is the gross value less your share of taxes.
  15. Business Associate Number – The number assigned exclusively to you as an owner will be printed in this space. The number shown is only an example.
  16. Deductions – A dash or minus sign ("–") before any amount in the "Payment" columns indicates a deduction.
  17. Total – The total amount of the payment.