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BP Operated Joint Interest Billing (JIB) Information

Billing Questions:

For Joint Interest Billing invoice questions please contact the Owner Relations hotline at +1-800-732-6626. Please provide the following when you request information pertaining to your JIB and include:

  • JV owner number
  • Name
  • Venture number

Please note a case number will be assigned to this request for tracking purposes.

JIB Invoice Payments

Please see below for remittance instructions:

Please include your unique JV owner number along with the month and year of the invoice payment being made (i.e., 0620140070003529). If you are submitting a payment that is over or under the invoiced amount, you would also want to include an explanation for the difference (i.e., you don’t agree with charges billed under a specific venture/AFE).

Payment by Check for JIBs ONLY
BP America Production Company
P.O. Box 848155
Dallas, TX 75284-8155

BP America Production Company
P.O. Box 277895
Atlanta, GA 30384-7895

Payment by Wire
JP Morgan Chase Bank
ABA 021000021
Account #9102499747

Joint Interest Bill (JIB) Invoices:

BP provides joint interest bills through two different services or through the mail. The JIB service providers EnergyLink and PDS provide electronic sources for JIB’s. PDS provides our JIB mailing service.

To Obtain EnergyLink (formerly JIBLink) User ID and Password Information:

To obtain PDS Energy User ID and Password Information:

Joint Venture Audit:

To schedule a joint venture audit or inquire about an existing audit, please send your request to Patricia Wood at Patricia.Wood@bpx.com or by letter to:

BP America, Inc.
P.O. Box 3092
Houston, TX 77253-3092
Attn: Patricia Wood

Netted Revenue Check:

If you are a netted owner and your net revenues exceed your net expenses, a check will be issued around the 15th of each month. If your net revenues exceed your net expenses and you do not receive your netted revenue check please contact Joint Interest Billing for further details. You may call 1-800-732-6626 for further explanation. Netted owner detail is also available on the PDS Energy website. For userid and password contact them at 1-800-318-7850.

Net Profits Interest Owner:

If you are a net profits interest owner and you have a credit balance, a check will be mailed to you on the 10th workday of the following month (January statements are mailed in February and payment is made in March). If you have questions or need further details, you may call 1-800-732-6626 for further information. NPI statements are mailed monthly at month end. They are also available on the PDS Energy website. For userid and password contact them at 1-800-318-7850.

Requesting Refund of a Credit Balance:

To request a refund of a credit balance on your Joint Interest Billing receivable account, contact the JIB department by calling +1-800-732-6626. In your request please include:

  • JV owner number
  • Company name
  • Month of the JIB Invoice 
  • Amount of credit

JIB Charge Explanations:

Please see the link below to view our annual Working Interest Owner letter which helps explain our JIB charges. Please contact our Owner Relations Hotline at 1-800-732-6626 should you have any additional questions.

Download PDF

BP Operated Payout Statements:

Payout statements for BP L48 operated wells are maintained by PDS on BP’s behalf at www.pdsenergy.com.

To obtain PDS access, please call the following phone number with your JV owner number:

Once logged into the PDS Energy website, select Payouts for your JV owner number and select the period to display a list of your payouts.

The above number may also be used for questions about the use of the website.